SUIGEI from Kochi Prefecture, with its unique local characteristics. The series never emphasized on any sweet aroma. Instead, it is famous for its bold and splendid style. The steamed rice flavor and strong texture give our palate clear karakuchi(辛口) impact . A true man style. Just like the story of Meiji Reformation Samurai (維新志士)Sakamoto Ryoma, who was also from Kochi Prefecture. Ryoma successfully negotiated the Satcho Alliance (薩長聯盟)between the powerful rival Satsuma(薩摩)and Choshu(長州) domains and united them against the Bakufu(幕府).

Sakamoto Ryoma’s mother died in her 40s. It is said that Ryoma’s stepmother came from the Tosa’s (土佐藩)official family and she taught Ryoma the three rituals of Samurai art:

“We will not attack unless we are attacked“
”If we are attacked,we will certainly counterattack.”
(Tit for tat is fair play)
“A man must be strong but also soft ”

Well, the summer edition is exactly the soft part of Suigei. With the aroma of citrus and steamed rice. Fresh, light and crisp texture on tongue. Juicy and clear acidity. With minor bitter rhyme of the grass roots when entering the tail, the incision is neat. The recommended tasting temperature is below 10 degree celsius.

It is worth mentioning that Suigei selected KA4 yeast to brew this summer edition. The KA4 was developed from Association No. 9 Kumamoto Yeast by the Kumamoto Brewing Research Institute. The characteristic of KA4 is to bring out high acidity and relatively less phenolic aroma. It exactly corresponds to the refreshing texture of summer sake.

I wonder what else do you like among all the summer sake?

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